Monday, January 23, 2012

7 months old today

Hard to believe, but Whitney is 7 months old today. As I was putting her to bed tonight I actually put my feet up, rocked her for awhile and just reflected on the last 7 months. (wishing I would have had a tissue box nearby!)
I thought of how wonderful it is to hold her, and how much it hurt not being able to hold her until DAYS after her birth. I thought of the feeling the first time I did get to hold her....the tubes and monitors and tears and JOY. I thought of the first time she moved her head from one side to another and how strong I thought she was and how she is rolling all over the house now. I thought of all the uncertainty, doubt and questions, oh all the questions. I thought of all the prayers and warm wishes as the days ticked by, still not having a baby come home. But most of all I thought of all the LOVE I have this little girl. She has come so far and is doing so awesome. Looking back I just didn't know what to expect, and I guess I'm so much happier than I thought I could be.  Sure, there is still so much uncertainty, but I just feel so strong and that we can get through anything. This family has been through so much and with the grace of God we have come out alive and well with SO MUCH to be thankful for.
So finally, happy 7 months Whitney, we love you and there are so many others out there routing for you. You are beating the odds every day and I'm your biggest cheerleader.

Here are Whitney's 7 Month Old Milestones:
Eating homemade peas, green beans, carrots, and sweet potatoes twice a day and love them all / I say "dada" / I have two teeth in the bottom middle / I get a bath at 8:30 and bottle at 9:00 I sleep until 7:30 / I can hold a toy in each hand at once / I got stick for the first time / First cold and first flu / I can stand for a few seconds while holding on to something / I went flying again, this makes three trips to WI / I fall over reaching for things and get in the crawling position / I put my pacifier in all by myself

Friday, January 20, 2012

Tis the Season

We are just settling in, after being home almost a week from our 11 day vacation to Wisconsin. It was such wonderful time seeing family, friends, THE PACKERS. We really made the most of our time there and even managed to get a few days of work in too.

We spent a few days in the beloved "water park capitol of the world" Wisconsin Dells and had a great time, up until the last night there when Andy and his uncle contracted a flu like virus, which then spread like wild fire to 7 of the 9 people who we were sharing a condo with and then numerous other relatives as well. Unfortunately, Whitney was not spared. She has been battling the flu like symptoms all week. What started last week Sunday is still hanging around and I"m getting really sick of her being sick. She is remaining in good spirits most of the time, which is nice. She continues to eat really good too. I'm trying my hand at making my own baby food and so far so good. She is liking the peas, green beans, carrots and sweet potatoes. Next month I'll start making some fruit, and she should REALLY like those.

So anyway, while we were in WI, she sprouted her second tooth, having only minimal teething issues. She really hasn't given us much hell from teething at all! Just today she started babbling "DaDaDa" quite a bit. It was almost as if a switch went off in her and she started to release all these sounds and "words" we've never heard her say before. It was really fun to listen to her "talk" all day today, and of course Andy was thrilled when he kept hearing her say Dada.

I feel like I"m forgetting some things, but I'm just going to post some pictures and let them speak for the trip, and for the last few weeks.