Sunday, October 7, 2012

We're still alive

I've had a few requests to update the blog and Sunday nights are usually the best, so here I am. Looking back it looks like I missed a month, I guess we have been busy. We DID go on an almost two week vacation to WI over Labor Day. It was such a great vacation. We got to spend time with family, friends and make it to the home opener Packer game. Whitney got to see many of her cousins and hang out with both sets of Grandparents and Grandma Great Jackie. It really was a very relaxing trip, I wish we could go that long more times throughout the year. What a great way to recharge!

Whitney had her 15 month checkup 2 weeks ago, she has now moved up to the 75% for height (31.5 in) and 60% for weight(23.5 lbs. For the longest time I thought she was so short but these past few weeks she seemed to have a growth spurt and sure enough, she shot up on the charts. She got three shots and for the first time had a small fever a few days afterward, which the doctor had said might happen. In the past she has shown no symptoms or problems, and this fever was minor, she still kept up her happy demeanor.

A few weeks back we took advantage of gift certificate I had won for a free photo shoot. I was going to use it for Whitney's first birthday but it didn't fit into the schedule and it certificate was expiring the end of September. Since we have a fairly decent digital camera we never thought it necessary to get professional photos taken, but since it was free I couldn't let it go to waste. We had a great time and Cassie was able to get some cute shots of Whitney.

I know it has been awhile since i wrote and now that I'm sitting here I'm trying to remember all the things we have been busy with but I cannot remember anything. We've just been busy playing and having fun. She is learning to shape sort right now and also enjoys putting things on pegs. She's learned to throw, luckily just balls right now and not throwing cups, food and anything else she's not supposed to, but I have a feeling that may be coming. She also loves to climb, but what 15 month doesn't? She is still  babbling up a storm, I sure wish I knew what she was saying. She still doesn't say too many words but if you use your imagination you can almost make out what she's trying to say. I'm not too worried yet that she isn't saying much, but Andy and I were late talkers and she sure is babbling lots, so that is easing my mind.

I'm leaving with a few photos. Happy Fall!.