Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Good news all around

This past month was full of doctor appointments, way too many in my opinion for a healthy 9 month old. It seemed as if every week we were running to the next check-up or follow-up or well visit. Even though it was a lot of running, we received all good news from every appointment. Here is the rundown:
1. Neurologist in Florence - We had a follow up visit with Dr. Murthy three months after the MRI scan was performed. At the last meeting with him, he compared the scans and was very optimistic, and this meeting was basically a confirmation of that. He did a few "tests" on her and he thought she was doing great. He advised we do not need to come back unless we feel it necessary. It was so thrilling to know we don't have to go back there. The neurologist is not a fun place to be, trust me.

2. Physical Therapist in Florence - This was an appointment i was actually looking forward to and also a bit nervous. I was curious to see what type of "tests" they were going to have Whitney perform. I know she is doing so great, but I also wanted to hear from a therapist if there was anything we should be working on or if they had any concerns. They worked with her on picking up small items, standing, crawling and pulling up. She is still army crawling, but they didn't seem concerned about that. Every action that she did, they were very pleased with and the final outcome was "she passed with flying colors".
I am still cautious and very aware of her milestones and development. I know there are other children who had similar starts as her and were put on the cooling blanket who have had development delays. Of course I will always worry about her, but hearing that she is right where she should be makes me breath a little bit easier.

3. Well visit with pediatrician in Myrtle Beach - Dr. Malloney was very happy to see Whitney and said she is doing perfect. She is now in the 50% for height and weight, weighing in at 18.5oz and 27.75 inches long. He doesn't need to see her until her 1 year checkup. Amazing that it will be one year in just a few months. I remember when I was taking her to see him once a week. Whew, how things change.

That should be all the recaps. As you can see, she has gotten good health reports from all three doctors. She is such a miracle and I am sure to thank God for her every day. A friend keeps telling me God must have such big plans for her to keep her around, and I couldn't agree more. There is a reason she is here with us, and maybe it is for those who don't believe in miracles to see one every day, maybe it is for us to love and live deeper. Whatever it may be, we are hear, witnessing her every day. A living, breathing miracle.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sweet Sweet Summer

As I held Whitney in my arms, slowly rocking her to sleep for her afternoon nap, the sweet smell of suntan lotion drifted to me. Her skin was still warm and her hair still windblown and messy from the afternoon of play. This moment, right here, right now, is what being a Mom is all about. Forget the crying, and worrying, this is worth every second of every day. I love you Whitney.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

8 months old comes with GREAT news

Well it's been awhile since I last posted, just enjoying this precious time with Whitney. She's now 8 months old and doing so great.
The best news we received came this last Friday when she had a follow up appointment with the neurologist in Florence. He looked her over and said he doesn't need to see her anymore, he thinks she is doing just fine!
This is news that I was expecting to hear, but to hear it from him was so wonderful. If you remember, this is the doctor who the NICU nurses told us he does not "sugar coat" anything and will only tell you like it is. So considering the source, this makes it even more wonderful news.

My parents have been in town and giving Whitney extra special love. Andy and I appreciate it so much since it gives us a break to run to the store, run errands, check emails/facebook which is more difficult when watching her. It's special to have them here and see her from the time she wakes up till the time her eyes close for bed at night. They get to experience our joys of her teeth coming in (two have come in while they were here), seeing her first crawl, and seeing her personality blossom every day. The last two weeks have really been a wonderful special time for all of us.

As for Whitney, she is getting such a big personality. Just a few highlights include, rolling around everywhere to get where she needs to be. she would rather roll than crawl, however, she is started to scoot forward on her forearms and not quite tucking her knees under her yet, but getting the hang of it. She is still eating her frozen cubes of food, and feeding herself puffs, and we're getting adventuresome with her trying new things. (She loved the sherbet dessert after our hibachi meal last week. hahah) She's sleeping great at night, as usual, and has a really great routine throughout the day.

I'll leave you all with some pictures....what a joy she is!