Wednesday, December 28, 2011

6 months old and just in time for Christmas

Well, we did it. We survived the first 6 months of parenthood and Whitney survived under our care. What an accomplishment considering Andy and I knew nothing about child care. I think she'll keep us, she may want to trade us in for Grandma, but she is stuck with us.
Whitney is 6 months old, WOW.

We had a great Christmas, it was fun and relaxing. Whitney was more concerned and interested with eating the paper than any of her toys, but that is to be expected. She did get lots of great stuff though from friends, neighbors and family. Thank you all so much!!! Lots of new toys that flash and make noise and utterly annoy the crap out of her parents, but she seems to enjoy them so I suppose we'll keep them. We even had to put away the swing, bumbo and playmat since she is now more interested in the big kid toys and not to mention just make room.
We were able to skype with my parents, Andy's Mom and sister and his Grandma. It was great to see them and have them watch her open her gifts. She is sitting so good now we just plopped the computer on the floor in front of her and we were set.

We also had her 6 month check up today and the pediatrician had all good things to say about her. She is healthy and looking perfect, he loves her! She is now 16 lbs 4 oz and 25.5 inches long. She is growing proportionately and he says he has no concerns. It is always so great for him and his nurses to see her. They all know about her rough start and saw her when she was so fragile, and even when she was still connected to the monitor, so they know of her great strides. We are just so blessed to have her in our life.
Rather than rambling, I'm just going to let the pictures do the talking (since I know that's what everyone is interested in anyway!)

Saturday, December 17, 2011

The most wonderful time of the year

Christmas really is one of my favorite times of the year. The lights, the songs, the truly magically feeling you can get. Yes, I DO love Christmas.

Our family has had a busy couple of weeks. We went on a "staycation" to a hotel in North Myrtle Beach for the night to take Whitney swimming. We had the pool to ourselves both in the evening and in the morning when we took her swimming. She loved the water and had a great time splashing around.
We were busy putting up the Christmas tree and getting the house decorated both inside and out. Everything has it's place and looks wonderful. We even had special visitors last parents came to visit!

Since our babysitter was off for the week they decided to come down for a vacation and take care of Whitney while Andy and I were working. It was such a nice treat to have them at our house for the holidays. Whitney got spoiled with lots of Grandma and Grandpa kisses, playtime and walks around the neighborhood. Since the weather has been in the 70's they were able to enjoy lots of time outside. It is so wonderful to see them together. For parents of little ones who don't have family around, I'm sure you can relate. The special time they do get to spend with family is priceless, I sometimes wish I could freeze time so we could all remember the special moments.

As for Whitney, she is so strong. She's been sitting on her own for the past few weeks, just short of when we took our Christmas photos. We all know she's been rolling over for some time now, but now she's getting really smart, realizing she can roll over to reach things. Things she likes to reach for the most....TILLY! They are special friends and she loves pulling at his hair, ears and bandanna. Luckily, he hasn't minded too much and I think he likes the attention. The holidays are even more special with her around and I know each year they will become more memorable. Not a day goes by that a tear isn't shed about just how happy I am to have her in our life. She is truly remarkable and a living miracle showing us how great God really is!
Now to leave you all with some pictures...

Monday, December 5, 2011

5 months and growing fast

So I'm a little past due Whitney's 5 month update, but only by about 2 weeks, so I'm not fretting. Wow, 5 months already, truly, where DOES the time go? I get it, "they grow up so fast", but why yes, they actually do!
The month of November was fairly calm, for what I can remember of it. No doctor appointments, no trips to Wisconsin, just lots of playing and growing. We've got the Christmas tree up, along with all the decorations, so we're ready to bring on the holidays!

Whitney started eating rice cereal on her birthday and has been really taking to it. The first time was really just getting her used to the spoon and something more solid, but each day after that has been better and better. I think we'll stick with the cereal for the month, and next month start on the vegetables. I'm going to try (keyword try) to make our own food. I know it is the best for them, but if you would have asked me 2 years ago if I would ever make my own baby food I would have laughed out loud. Andy really wants to try it, I think just to use the Ninja blender, but maybe I'll just have in charge of making the food, we'll see.

We also celebrated Thanksgiving at our house, and had a wonderful day. There were 8 of us total, all really great friends of ours and had a super relaxing day with lots of football, laughs, and of course a 26 pound turkey. Whitney did wonderful, playing on the floor, sitting in her chair, and slept all through dinner, which made it great for me, I could actually enjoy the meal. Even though we don't have family here, I'm so glad Whitney will get to grow up knowing our friends. They have become such an important part of our lives, we're happy she gets to be share this now.

Probably the most exciting thing that has happened these past 2 weeks, so slightly past her 5 month birthday, is her sitting up on her own, unsupported and not in the Bumbo. She really seemed to get the strength to do this just in the past few weeks. Today I even had her sitting by herself on the ground and was able to walk away for about 30 seconds and come back to her still sitting. She's really rocking back and forth alot too when on her tummy....she's too young to start crawling!!! Hopefully she'll give us awhile yet before that starts. Either way, having her sit on her own is awesome, really incredible how these little things can make us so proud of her.
Her 5 month milestones include:
-Eat 5 oz every 3-4 hours and 6oz before bedtime / I started rice cereal today / I get a bath at 8:30 & bottle at 9pm. I sleep until 7 am / I enjoy reaching for people and objects / I can sit on my own for a few seconds / I like to roll onto my tummy / I like to smile at everyone I see!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Feeling oh so blessed

This past week has really had me doing a lot of reflection. There has been some heart wrenching news coming my way from friends in regards to babies. Babies (and parents) that really need my (our) thoughts and prayers.
Each day I thank God for all the blessings he has given our family, I am truly so thankful. It makes me step back and reflect daily how everyone's lives are so complicated. It's almost frightening to think of all the personal struggles people are going though, and on the outside, no one knows. Life can be so tough, and certain circumstances can make it even harder. I try to take just a few minutes each day and say what I am thankful for. We all need to start doing this.
I heard a quote a quote the other day that went something like, "What if you woke up tomorrow and the only things left were the things you thanked God for tonight". I think of this quote often and am really taking it to heart.

As for Whitney, I know I may be sounding like a broken record, but she is doing so good. She is such a happy baby and is totally spoiling us (making up for the first month I suppose). She hardly cries unless she is hungry and I cannot believe she will be 5 months old next week. She'll be starting cereal and vegetables soon, growing up so fast.  I'll leave with you some photos, enjoy....and remember to count your blessings!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Happy Halloween

Whitney's first holiday was Halloween (I am not counting 4th of July, since she wasn't home yet) and we had a great time. Unfortunately Andy had to work all night so he missed out on the festivities, but there were many other parents who requested off early to go trick or treating and since he knew we wouldnt be doing that yet, we were all OK with him being gone.

Our neigbors moved their firepit into the culdesac and invited all the neighbors to come sit outside and enjoy the fire. We all brought our candy bowls out with us and we were armed for the little kiddos. We were disappointed that only about 15 kids came around, most of them from our direct neighborhood, but it was nice to sit outside and chat. Whitney was all bundled up, and since she spent plenty of time around a campfire in Wisconsin, she was an old pro. It was a bit chilly but our neighbors kept her warm as she was passed around.

I cannot stress enough how wonderful our neighborhood and neighbors are. The support and love they have shown our family is so wonderful. It is especially great since our family is all back in Wisconsin to have that feeling of closeness and love.  Their concern and care is too much for words, every day I am so thankful for the house we chose to buy, it is truly our "home".

I did get to snap a few pictures of Whitney dressed for the fun holiday. Great Grandma Jackie sent her a Halloween shirt and she received a pumpkin hat and socks from her cousins Ryan and Lauren. Then at night she wore her ladybug costume, and Tilly was sporting his usual bumblebee costume that he has lovingly wore the last 4 years. Happy Halloween and enjoy!

4 months old - October 23rd

A few days ago I posted on Facebook Whitney's 4 month old "milestones" but alas, have neglected my non-facebook friends here on the blog. She is growing and developing, but the worrying never stops. Is she too weak? Too strong? Too short? Should be doing that? Is that normal????

I know all new Moms question their babies actions, but I am in hyper mode. I really do try not to lose sleep over this and am not losing sleep over it, but the mind does race with questions. Poor Andy has to listen to my concerns, but he is great at bringing me to reality, she is doing wonderful and we have a baby who we love, and he is wonderful for pointing that out to me.
Her milestones for this month include:
-Eat 5oz every 3-4 hours and 6oz before bedtime
-Goes to bed between 9 or 10:00 and wakes between 7 or 8 am
-I enjoy putting my hands in my mouth
-I like to smile and blow bubbles
-While lying on my tummy I can lift and turn my head from left to right
-I have already gone flying twice to Wisconsin

Go Whitney!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Best. News. Ever.

For many of you who have been following the blog know that Whitney's MRI appointment was last week Tuesday. This was a source of extreme anxiety for me. This past month I have really been able to enjoy Whitney and watch her grow and develop right before our eyes. She has been progressing right on schedule and as the MRI neared I almost became less and less scared and more and more optimistic - she has been doing SO GREAT.
We received the wonderful news that Whitney's MRI had come back with no brain damage! The doctor was very pleased with how the scans looked and during his checking up on her he thought she looked great and that the cooling treatment was a success. While only time will tell on how she develops both physically and any possible speech delays, the MRI was clean.

What an emotional day that was for our family. As I stood by her while she was in the MRI tube, listening to the sounds and hums and moans of the machine, I could not help but cry. If you would have asked me 4 months ago before she was born, I never would have imagined that we would be doing such things. Words that have become part of our language "delays", "MRI", "brain damage" should not be part of any new parents vocabulary. And standing there, watching your daughter get an MRI, with the outcome unknown, with so many questions running through your head is almost too much. All I could do is let the tears stream down and pray.

The doctor said he wouldn't need to do anymore MRI's and basically wished us well and said he could see us back in another 6 months. The news was great and we are so thankful. We are very optimistic about Whitney's future. We know there could be speedbumps along the way, but with strength, all you can do is take one day at a time.

Wow, time flies

So the saying actually is true, time really does fly when you are having fun.
I was ever so gently reminded this past week from friends, family and coworkers that the blog needs some new posts. Yes, it's true, Whitney and I spent a week in Wisconsin and just returned home today. This would mark the second time flying for Whitney in the last month, two trips to Wisconsin in just under 3 weeks. She is turning into a jetsetter already!
This past month has been so busy. Andy and I typically lead fairly busy lives with work and fun, and now adding Whitney into our lives makes it even more busy, but one thing is for sure, life never slows down for anyone.
At the beginning of October we flew to WI for a long weekend and a little vacation. We were able to introduce Whitney to most of our friends since we were in town for Matt and Jackie's wedding celebration. My parents met us in Milwaukee and watched Whitney while Andy and I had a chance to reunite with many of our Wisconsin friends and stay the night in a hotel. Whitney was able to meet most of her cousins on the Hendricks side and we all got to spend time with family.
We also headed a bit more south to Beloit and spent some time with Andy's family. Whitney had a great "Welcoming Whitney" party and was able to meet many members of Andy's family and their friends. It was a great little vacation and went by entirely way to fast.

I then had work meetings in Wisconsin this Monday-Wednesday so decided to make a long trip out of it and fly back to WI on Friday afternoon. Since Whitney "proved" herself on her first flight that she could behave herself, I decided to brave it, and take her flying with just myself while Andy stayed back in MB. We were able to spend some quality time with my parents and Whitney got to meet more cousins, more friends and more family.

Having friends, family and co-workers meet Whitney has been such a blessing. I know so many of you have been thinking and praying for our family. It just brings tears to my eyes thinking of all the support we have had these past 4 months. It was such a joy to have people FINALLY meet this little miracle they have been sending prayers to. She is doing so wonderful and I'm so proud of her. Having the support we have had has been such a Godsend. Whitney has come such a long way and seeing her now is unbelievable.
THANK YOU again to everyone! We saw so many people this past week, and it felt great. Great knowing that our little one is so lucky to be blessed with all this love in her life. Thank you!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Happy 3 months old

Today is Whitney's 3 month old birthday, it is so hard to believe she is 3 months old, it actually feels like she has been around here for a lot longer than that.
These past few weeks have been transitional weeks, since I am back at work and Andy and Iare trying to get into a routine. Whitney has been cooperating though, sleeping through the night and being a really good baby during the day. We started sending her to the babysitter, Miss Chris, and are so thankful we found such a great, caring lady to watch Whitney. It makes it so much easier to leave your child when you know they are in great hands.
As for milestones this month...she is really getting strong and is starting to sit in her Bumbo seat and when she's on her tummy move her head from side to side with ease. She is tracking objects from farther away and responding to sound and light. She's "talking" more and smiling so easy now. She is happiest when she's on the changing table getting her diaper changed.
We are heading to Wisconsin at the beginning of next month and will be flying in her first airplane trip, we are excited and nervous. We are excited though to have her meet all her cousins and aunts and uncles who have patiently been waiting to hold her.
We have started a routine at nighttime of baths (she LOVES sitting in her bathtub), bottle, reading books, then bed. The routine must make her sleepy, since she sleeps almost 7 hours at a time, another thing we are so thankful for!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

More patience

Today we were supposed to be heading back to Florence to have Whitney's MRI performed, but just realized last night that the appointment was rescheduled to next month. So, now we are waiting until October 18th to have this done. I have mixed emotions about this wait. I have another month to not think about this and just enjoy the time with her. On the other hand, it would be nice  (or not nice) to know what is going on up there.
I had a nice talk with a great friend of mine last night and she reminded me that regardless of the MRI results we have to take into consideration how Whitney is actually acting. And she is acting so GREAT. No need to see the pediatrician except every month and the physical therapist visits as you know are pushed out to 6 months. She is doing everything she is supposed to be doing, and I have to remember that. This is just such an emotional rollarcoaster!!!
So we will wait another month and so it is.
We don't really have any other news to update everyone with. Just enjoying the sweet little baby:)

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Growing slow and steady

Last Friday Whitney was at the doctor for her 2 month shots and overall check-up. She weighed in at 9 lbs 3 ounces and was 22 inches long. The doctor was once again pleased with her progress and development. She has now increased her bottle to 5 ounces every 4 hours which seems to keep her more content. It is truly amazing to think that at one point we were worried about her not being able to suck and swallow and now she is drinking so strongly. Also amazing we didn't think she would cry, well she DEFINITELY knows how to cry now. I knew I should have enjoyed that quiet time more!

The shots went really well and just as I suspected both Whitney and I took them like champs. I guess seeing her with all the tubes and wires desensitised both of us, she let out a cry both times when she was being pricked with the needle, but was quickly calmed by her pacifier. She also didn't have any reactions and didn't even need baby Tylenol or any other calming medication. She gets to stay clear of the pediatrician for another month, but can stop in to get weighed if we want.

The next big appointment is next week when she will have her follow-up MRI done. I have such mixed feelings about this appointment. Obviously I want to know what the test will show, but on the other hand, its not like we can change the results. At this point we are so happy Whitney has blessed us and is here with us I can't imagine our life without her, regardless of the results. I am taking the advise of many who say to just enjoy each day with her and enjoy her for who she is at the moment. She really is doing SO GOOD right now, acting like other 2 month olds that I can't complain. We also tried putting Whitney in the Bumbo last night, but we were a little early. She could only keep her head up for a few seconds then it flopped down again. It was long enough though for me to get a picture, although she doesnt look too thrilled her. She is thrilled to be watching her mobile though, she loves listening and watching it go around and around.

On a complete side note, we survived Hurricane Irene. We did see wind and rain, but nothing like the devistation to the north of us. We made sure to have water, formula and dog food for our babies and figured Andy and I could live off of "stored fat" for awhile. Luckily we never lost power, and only had a few broken tree branches.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Happy 2 month birthday Whitney!

Today is Whitney's 2 month birthday ~ Happy Birthday baby girl White! I received a funny email from my Mom this morning wishing her a happy birthday and her hopes for her to drink as much milk as she desires. teeheehee.

I'm a little late updating this, but Andy, Whitney and I went to Florence last Thursday to meet with the physical therapists. We had a really great meeting with them and they thought Whitney looked really good. They laid her down on some mats and started doing some exercises and stretches with her. Once again, I wasn't completely sure what they were checking for, but whatever it was they liked what they saw, they said they don't need to see her until she is 6 months old. Her muscle tone and movements look good thus far.

We were all so happy for her and the strength that she is showing. They requested we keep doing "tummy time" with her, as it will only help strengthen her neck and arms and we are also to keep working on some exercises we received when we were discharged from the hospital. These "exercises" are nothing terribly hard, and seem like something any newborn should be doing so we really don't mind working with her on them and I'm sure in time she will just think of them as games we play rather than exercises we are doing. I cannot say how excited I am at such great news we have gotten this past week. Between the infant neurologist and the therapists I am thanking God constantly. I know she may have a rough road ahead of her, but for now she is doing so well and we are learning to live in the moment and enjoying all her little milestones and not taking ANYTHING for granted.

On Friday, she has her 2 month shots scheduled so I'm excited to see how much weight she has gained and see how she does with the shots. I've seen her get pricked, poked and prodded so much she will probably SLEEP through the shots (probably not, but hey, wishful thinking) but at least it will be a little less heartbreaking for Mom, I've seen her through much worse.

Oh yes and one more thing, we went to Charlotte this weekend for a friends wedding and on Sunday night when we got back to the house we decided to start putting her in her crib in the nursery, rather than the playpen in our room. She's done great so far (sleeping about 5-6 hours at night) and I really like having her use the nursery. She also did really good traveling to Charlotte. We were able to introduce her to some of my clients for work and she got to see some of our friends at the wedding as well. I was really proud of myself for not overpacking or under packing for our first 2 night overnight trip with her, all went pretty smooth, and LOTS of sleeping for her in the car.

Here are her 2 month old pictures and "milestones" for those of you who don't know, you can double click on the picture and it will enlarge. Enjoy!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Patience and Hope, the life of this Mom

Today Whitney had her first follow-up appointment in Florence with the infant neurologist. As you know, I have have voiced my concerns and nervousness for this appointment. I actually ended up calling yesterday to find out if they were going to run an MRI on her brain, or was this meeting just a scheduled check-up. They advised there was no MRI scheduled, so that put my mind at ease for a night at least.

When Dr. Murthy met with her, he was very pleased with how she looked. He did a series of reflex tests, I'm not quite certain WHAT he was looking for or testing, but whatever it was he was happy with the results. He said from what he could see today she looks very good. He scheduled an MRI for early September and suspects it should be "normal" (shudder...I HATE that word). Each MRI gets progressively  better and based off of how she looks and is reacting he would think this one should follow suit and be even better.
Regardless, this was the best possible news we could have heard. He explained once again, how infants brains can repair itself from early injury, and he suspects the cooling treatment worked properly which allowed just that, the brain to repair.
I of course, am still worried and will just WAIT (once again) for the test and results. I do feel confident though that they should be positive. Whitney is doing so well. She is alert and strong. She's responsive and learning new things every day, I have so much faith in her to do great things, she is already amazing us in so many ways.

After the doctor appointment I swung on by the NICU to show Whitney off to some of the nurses that took care of her. It was a very surreal moment for me walking through the halls of the NICU, something I will probably never be able to shake. All the emotions I was feeling is just too much to write about, but I can say I was so proud to be walking in there WITH my baby girl and not going there to visit her. I saw people in the waiting room and parents walking out. I know that feeling and what they are going through. The struggles and the fears and the questions. But this time I was the face of hope. When the nurses were ohh'ing and ahhh'ing over her, I saw parent's faces peek around the corner and give a little smile, for they got to see a bit of hope too. And when you are in the NICU, that is all you want, hope. You hope for the little things, little milestones. With the help of the nurses, friends, family and God, they gave Whitney hope for a brighter future. She is here now with a purpose and we are feeling oh so blessed.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Growing bigger and bigger and WI-FI too!

The pediatrician's appointment on Friday went as good as it could. Whitney gained 14 ounces in 14 days, which the Doctor was really happy about, she now weighs 8 pounds 14 ounces. He continues to relish in her strength and is very proud of her growth and development. He added once again that she looks like any other newborns who are 7 weeks old and really only time will tell what her outcome will be. At age 2, 3 and 4 is where we will really see if there are disabilities. Ahhh patience.
We also got the clearance for her to stop using her monitor, she is COMPLETELY cord free. The monitor thankfully never went off due to her heart or lung failure, but it really was a good piece of mind for us though. We are extremely happy to have this disconnected and put away in the corner though.

This is a big week for us, for I will be traveling to Florence on Tuesday with Whitney for the neurologist appointment and then Andy has off Thursday and all three of us will be going back to Florence for a physical therapy meeting. Please keep the prayers coming for this long journey.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Busy week

The past two weeks have been very busy with Grandma "JuJu" (Andy's Mom) in town. She headed back to Wisconsin on Tuesday morning, but left with many memories. While she was in town it allowed me to run some errands, see some friends and even have a night out with our friends who came to visit. Thank you again so much Julie for all the help!

Whitney continues to do very well. She is eating four ounces every four hours and is still sleeping a good amount. She also is getting so much more alert and focused. When she is awake she enjoys playing both on her back and tummy. I just got her some wrist rattles yesterday and it's fun to see her discovering them and the sounds she can make.
We have an appointment with the infant neurologist next week Tuesday. We are not sure yet if they will do a brain scan on her on Tuesday or if he will just write up the orders to have one done a different day. It would be great if they could do it all on one day. I am so nervous for this scan I can hardly take it. The good news is we have had enough time now to process and accept all that has happened. Whitney is a miracle just being here with us and we will continue to love her no matter what the outcome. I hate to keep reverting back to the bracelets we received, but "Strength, one day at a time" is so very true.

She has started to smile more and more each day which is so fun to watch.
 Last night was a really special moment for our family, all our visitors have left for awhile and it was just Andy, myself and Whitney. We were putting her to bed and reading some stories to her when she unleashed some really great smiles. This is one of the first times Andy has seen her purposely smile and so many smiles at that! We laughed together and ALL smiled, what a great feeling and moment it was for me.

The time I get with Whitney right now is just so great. She is such a "cool" baby. And so to leave you with a little bit of fun, we just wanted to share a super fun picture. Enjoy!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A star is born

Sunday night was a really special night for our small family, we made plans to go back to the Conway Hospital and have Whitney "meet" some of the nurses that helped her.

Since she was whisked away the night she was born and taken to Florence NICU, most of the nurses did not get a chance to see her or meet her. Most probably had a horrible vision in their head and it was important and exciting for us to bring her back and show them how their hard work paid off. It was also a chance for me to see some of the nurses who helped me through the difficult few days after Whitney was born.

Gina, the nurse holding Whitney was my nurse during my recovery. She was so kind and wonderful and shared many uplifting stories to keep me positive. She is the mother of a friend of ours, who always told us what a great nurse she was, so it was extra special that she was assigned to me. She was one of the many blessings that happened to us at Conway Medical.

Katie, on the far right, worked on resuscitating Whitney immediately after birth. We were told she was the nurse that first heard Whitney's heartbeat. It was quite emotional for us to meet her and her to meet Whitney. The words "Thank You" hardly seem right to say to someone like her. Someone who is responsible for saving your babies life. Someone who was with her from the start and DID NOT give up on her. Someone who KNEW this little girl was destined for great things. Unbelievable. This past month has truly been a month of emotions and disbelief.

Conway Medical also has a beautiful mural on the wall with personalized stars that you can purchase (proceeds go to the nursery) in which you can have engraved with your child's name and birthday on. We didn't get a large photo of the mural, once the star is there we will take another one, but we reserved a star for Whitney and can't wait for it to come in. We picked a star right in between the trunk and leaves of a palm tree, a perfect place. For some reason I can't figure out how to make our vertical pictures show up vertical on the blog, so use your imagination for the photo below.
A star is born!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Doctor's appointment

Whitney’s morning appointment with the pediatrician went well today. She grew a quarter of an inch from last week, but unfortunately didn’t gain any weight. The doctor was not concerned one bit though and said 11 ounces over two weeks is very good. Since she didn’t eat before the appointment she was hungry and wide awake. This was actually a good thing because the doctor could finally see her awake and moving around. He said numerous times how happy he was with how good she looked, he was really proud of her. She was kicking and moving her arms and legs, tracking with her eyes and even let out a cry when he was “annoying” her.
We are now moving up to 4 ounces every 4 hours and will have her next appointment in two weeks rather than every week.
She continues to eat and sleep very well. The last three nights she has been sleeping 5-6 hours at night, what a blessing. Her monitor has not gone off either. I am still in awe over this girls progress, she truly is such a fighter. To see how far she has come in just over a month is incredible, I love her so much. We are so proud to call her our daughter and every little milestone means more than the world to us. We are so blessed to have her in our life.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Picture time

Andy had off of work today so we tried to make the most of the day and get outside and also head to the new SkyWheel on the beach. I was there when my parents were in town but Whitney and I did not go on,since I wanted to wait to go with Andy.
The day was fun filled (Whitney slept through it all!) of going to the SkyWheel, eating at Bumsteads/Dagwoods, going to Costco and hitting up the pool this evening. We brought our nice camera along down to the beach and Andy was able to capture some great pictures that I'll share with with you all.
Tomorrow is another pediatrician appointment for Whitney. I'm excited to see what her weight gain is and to check her progress, we'll be sure to let everyone know. And don't worry, Whitney was covered from the sun the whole day, except for the few photos we took her out of her car seat for!