Saturday, December 17, 2011

The most wonderful time of the year

Christmas really is one of my favorite times of the year. The lights, the songs, the truly magically feeling you can get. Yes, I DO love Christmas.

Our family has had a busy couple of weeks. We went on a "staycation" to a hotel in North Myrtle Beach for the night to take Whitney swimming. We had the pool to ourselves both in the evening and in the morning when we took her swimming. She loved the water and had a great time splashing around.
We were busy putting up the Christmas tree and getting the house decorated both inside and out. Everything has it's place and looks wonderful. We even had special visitors last parents came to visit!

Since our babysitter was off for the week they decided to come down for a vacation and take care of Whitney while Andy and I were working. It was such a nice treat to have them at our house for the holidays. Whitney got spoiled with lots of Grandma and Grandpa kisses, playtime and walks around the neighborhood. Since the weather has been in the 70's they were able to enjoy lots of time outside. It is so wonderful to see them together. For parents of little ones who don't have family around, I'm sure you can relate. The special time they do get to spend with family is priceless, I sometimes wish I could freeze time so we could all remember the special moments.

As for Whitney, she is so strong. She's been sitting on her own for the past few weeks, just short of when we took our Christmas photos. We all know she's been rolling over for some time now, but now she's getting really smart, realizing she can roll over to reach things. Things she likes to reach for the most....TILLY! They are special friends and she loves pulling at his hair, ears and bandanna. Luckily, he hasn't minded too much and I think he likes the attention. The holidays are even more special with her around and I know each year they will become more memorable. Not a day goes by that a tear isn't shed about just how happy I am to have her in our life. She is truly remarkable and a living miracle showing us how great God really is!
Now to leave you all with some pictures...

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  1. Family is important....and even though my parents don't live to far away they live far enough!!! But Javier's family is mostly still lives in Mexico or Texas which is far....but we try to make it there at least once a year!!! I love seeing his family!!! Whitney is beautiful as always and I'm so happy that she is continuing to do so well!!!!!!