Thursday, May 3, 2012

10 months old

As I am typing this I realize I am a little late on this post, so let's call it 10 months and a week.
Whitney is changing so much, almost on a daily basis. She is getting such a personality and is constantly learning to do new things and turning into quite the explorer. The days of her sitting on her butt and playing quietly are now in the past, as she scurries to one toy to the next, pulls herself up and moving along furniture and is amusing herself with Tilly, possibly her new best friend.

She's standing up in her crib in the morning when I come to get her and I cant help but giggle. She plays tug with Tilly and is learning how to follow him around the house, it's quite possibly the most endearing thing I have seen her do. And when she giggles and smiles at me, that's when I thank God.

My parents have been watching her on Skype lately and I think they find her pretty funny. She's crawling all over (one foot on the ground, one knee on the ground) digging in her toy box and then chasing Tilly...I love to see them laughing at her and her antics. They may be far away, but Skype brings us so much closer. As they wave and smile at her and she attacks the computer, that's when I thank God.

The love I feel for her, this true, raw, heart wrenching love, is a love people told me about but I could never understand. I get it now. I know I'm not alone on this feeling, and I'm sure many can relate, but man it feels incredible. I've had 10 months of this precious baby and when I think back to her coming into this world and how far she's come, that's when I thank God.

Milestones include:
*Starting to eat grinded up adult food / * Like to pull myself up on everything and walk along furniture / * I can walk behind a push toy / * I generally like to go to thinkgs I'm not supposed to / * Bat at 8:00 and sleep until 7:30 / * I crawl with one foot on the ground / * I flew to WI again, this makes 4 times / * I have 5 teeth / * Mom heard me say "Tilly"...could this by my first word??

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