Thursday, September 8, 2011

More patience

Today we were supposed to be heading back to Florence to have Whitney's MRI performed, but just realized last night that the appointment was rescheduled to next month. So, now we are waiting until October 18th to have this done. I have mixed emotions about this wait. I have another month to not think about this and just enjoy the time with her. On the other hand, it would be nice  (or not nice) to know what is going on up there.
I had a nice talk with a great friend of mine last night and she reminded me that regardless of the MRI results we have to take into consideration how Whitney is actually acting. And she is acting so GREAT. No need to see the pediatrician except every month and the physical therapist visits as you know are pushed out to 6 months. She is doing everything she is supposed to be doing, and I have to remember that. This is just such an emotional rollarcoaster!!!
So we will wait another month and so it is.
We don't really have any other news to update everyone with. Just enjoying the sweet little baby:)


  1. Aren't those little smiles just the best!!! She's growing up so fast...

  2. And just keep remembering to just take it day by day!!!! If the outcome later in life is that there may have been some damage she will just have to continue to be that strong baby and she may have to work harder than others but she will always be your little girl who gives you those smiles and will love you unconditionally!!! What I see when I see all the pictures is a beautiful little girl who looks just perfect to me!!!!