Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Growing slow and steady

Last Friday Whitney was at the doctor for her 2 month shots and overall check-up. She weighed in at 9 lbs 3 ounces and was 22 inches long. The doctor was once again pleased with her progress and development. She has now increased her bottle to 5 ounces every 4 hours which seems to keep her more content. It is truly amazing to think that at one point we were worried about her not being able to suck and swallow and now she is drinking so strongly. Also amazing we didn't think she would cry, well she DEFINITELY knows how to cry now. I knew I should have enjoyed that quiet time more!

The shots went really well and just as I suspected both Whitney and I took them like champs. I guess seeing her with all the tubes and wires desensitised both of us, she let out a cry both times when she was being pricked with the needle, but was quickly calmed by her pacifier. She also didn't have any reactions and didn't even need baby Tylenol or any other calming medication. She gets to stay clear of the pediatrician for another month, but can stop in to get weighed if we want.

The next big appointment is next week when she will have her follow-up MRI done. I have such mixed feelings about this appointment. Obviously I want to know what the test will show, but on the other hand, its not like we can change the results. At this point we are so happy Whitney has blessed us and is here with us I can't imagine our life without her, regardless of the results. I am taking the advise of many who say to just enjoy each day with her and enjoy her for who she is at the moment. She really is doing SO GOOD right now, acting like other 2 month olds that I can't complain. We also tried putting Whitney in the Bumbo last night, but we were a little early. She could only keep her head up for a few seconds then it flopped down again. It was long enough though for me to get a picture, although she doesnt look too thrilled her. She is thrilled to be watching her mobile though, she loves listening and watching it go around and around.

On a complete side note, we survived Hurricane Irene. We did see wind and rain, but nothing like the devistation to the north of us. We made sure to have water, formula and dog food for our babies and figured Andy and I could live off of "stored fat" for awhile. Luckily we never lost power, and only had a few broken tree branches.

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