Wednesday, November 2, 2011

4 months old - October 23rd

A few days ago I posted on Facebook Whitney's 4 month old "milestones" but alas, have neglected my non-facebook friends here on the blog. She is growing and developing, but the worrying never stops. Is she too weak? Too strong? Too short? Should be doing that? Is that normal????

I know all new Moms question their babies actions, but I am in hyper mode. I really do try not to lose sleep over this and am not losing sleep over it, but the mind does race with questions. Poor Andy has to listen to my concerns, but he is great at bringing me to reality, she is doing wonderful and we have a baby who we love, and he is wonderful for pointing that out to me.
Her milestones for this month include:
-Eat 5oz every 3-4 hours and 6oz before bedtime
-Goes to bed between 9 or 10:00 and wakes between 7 or 8 am
-I enjoy putting my hands in my mouth
-I like to smile and blow bubbles
-While lying on my tummy I can lift and turn my head from left to right
-I have already gone flying twice to Wisconsin

Go Whitney!

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