Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Happy Halloween

Whitney's first holiday was Halloween (I am not counting 4th of July, since she wasn't home yet) and we had a great time. Unfortunately Andy had to work all night so he missed out on the festivities, but there were many other parents who requested off early to go trick or treating and since he knew we wouldnt be doing that yet, we were all OK with him being gone.

Our neigbors moved their firepit into the culdesac and invited all the neighbors to come sit outside and enjoy the fire. We all brought our candy bowls out with us and we were armed for the little kiddos. We were disappointed that only about 15 kids came around, most of them from our direct neighborhood, but it was nice to sit outside and chat. Whitney was all bundled up, and since she spent plenty of time around a campfire in Wisconsin, she was an old pro. It was a bit chilly but our neighbors kept her warm as she was passed around.

I cannot stress enough how wonderful our neighborhood and neighbors are. The support and love they have shown our family is so wonderful. It is especially great since our family is all back in Wisconsin to have that feeling of closeness and love.  Their concern and care is too much for words, every day I am so thankful for the house we chose to buy, it is truly our "home".

I did get to snap a few pictures of Whitney dressed for the fun holiday. Great Grandma Jackie sent her a Halloween shirt and she received a pumpkin hat and socks from her cousins Ryan and Lauren. Then at night she wore her ladybug costume, and Tilly was sporting his usual bumblebee costume that he has lovingly wore the last 4 years. Happy Halloween and enjoy!


  1. Hi Sarah,
    So glad that everything has turned out well.
    My wife and I are facing a similar situation, however my little girl is currently very slow on her sucking reflexes, I was trying to get in touch with Christy Strobel, but to no avail as I think she had a smiliar issue. Do you think you can link me up please?

    My email is

    Much appreciated.


  2. Hi Sarah!!!
    I am so glad to see how well Whitney is doing. She is one strong little girl...and God is in control. I just love her Halloween costume : )..She is so cute! I hope you all are doing well. I hope to see you soon. Anytime your in my area just let me know and we can do dinner or something.
    Love you and Whitney!!