Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Baby steps, my friend

Tonight, Whitney hit a HUGE milestone, taking a few steps on her own. We had been hearing from the babysitter that she was getting pretty brave and taking some baby steps, but tonight Andy and I were able to see it together, for the first time. It wasn't necessarily pretty, but she definitely took baby steps. Of course we skyped my parents right away, and she then decided to be stubborn. She's standing by herself for much longer periods of time, and just getting more and more brave to put one foot in front of the other. This is such a huge milestone for us, something that makes me burst with pride.

Whitney is changing so much in just these past few weeks. She is "talking" non-stop, getting more mischievous, and being so silly. We've recently purchased a baby gate for the steps, two new front facing carseats and new stroller. I can't help but remember when we were trying to figure out her infant car seat, practicing with a stuffed animal, and learning how to use the stroller. I mean, that was literally 2 months ago right?  I cannot believe that was a year ago already. Getting ready to put bottles away, transitioning from formula to whole milk...where is our baby going?

True, I do feel pangs of sadness, but really, I am overjoyed. I am so thankful for this wonderful year we've had and all the blessings Whitney has brought us, but I'm sure I'll elaborate more on that, for her one year post....until then...

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