Saturday, June 30, 2012

What a year this has been - Whitney turns "1"

So that is that, one year in the books. Whitney celebrated her first birthday on June 23rd, while we were spending the weekend in Savannah, GA.
These past few weeks have really lent themselves to some major reflection on the past year for me.
When I think back to June 23rd of last year, I remember the anticipation and excitement, right up to Whitney's birth. We even have a photo somewhere of Andy and I smiling so excitedly, such goofy grins, as I'm about to be wheeled into the operating room. I want to say that it was the happiest day of my life, even better than our wedding day. Instead I'm forced to relive the most horrifying, difficult and emotional experience of my life. Not exactly a day I'll be able to shake from my memory anytime soon.

I cant help but think and replay the phone calls and questions and sleepless, teary nights that followed that day, June 23rd, 2011. Not sleepless because we had a newborn baby keeping us up at night, but rather a baby who was whisked off in some sort of contraption, that I only got to meet for a mere few minutes and was left wondering if she would even make it to the next hospital, which was an hour away. Teary becuase as i walked the halls of the nursery floor and noticed how all the rooms had pink or blue on the door, mine had nothing. I was the room who's "baby wasn't there..." or the room that people left with tears in their eyes. Even just tying this, it all sounds like such a cruel joke.

I'm still left with the small pang of jealousy when I think of others who have been blessed with a storybook birth, one that would be suitable for "The Baby Story" on TLC or written eloquently in a baby book to be shared and remembered for years to come. I still havent written Whitney's story of her birth in that baby book. Suppose this blog would suffice? Writing it down in such a cute colorful book just doesnt seem fair to both Whitney and me.

Instead, that book and the memories to follow are filled with better times. Times of jubilation and excitment over the smallest milestones. The first roll-over, the first sit-up, stand-up, the list goes on. Whitney has continued to amaze all who know her from the first day she spent at home (almost a month after she was born mind you). The support, prayers and encouragement this past year has been overwhelmingly wonderful.

Whitney, is a perfect, beautiful little girl in every shape and form. She has proven strength and perserverance. She bagan taking steps on my birthday, June 14th, a milestone we didn't know if she would ever meet. She continues to toddle and walk and can go farther distances each day. Anyone who has met her will agree she is so good natured, eats like a champ, and is literally a WALKING miracle. I still can't help but look at her and think "how did we get so lucky?" Each day, as she is gaining her independence and creating her own personality I really do think she is right where she is supposed to be.

I'm ending this post from an email my Mom wrote to me on Whitney's birthday. I couldnt have said it better myself...
What an incredible year!  The worrying, wondering and waiting  have all proved to let God take care of all our prayer intercessions.   We still pray every day for that miracle to keep on happening in Whitney  - God has blessed her and our families!!!

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  1. Amazing! I am trying to actually say anything but I am speechless. I can't imagine the year that your family has had, the highs and lows, the conversations, and most importantly the MIRACLES! What a year! You are always in my prayers. I love to read your compassionate words on motherhood. They are so encouraging on those tough days (Devin is going through puberty). We love you guys Hope to see you soon.