Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Cold and flu season

Wanted to quickly update how things have been over here. I have been battling a horrible cold since last Thursday. The coughing, sore throat and sinus pressure has kept my from getting a good night sleep and even caused me to cancel my appointments this week. This is probably the worst cold I can remember ever having. I am just praying Whitney and Andy don’t get this, I feel so miserable I can’t imagine one of them getting it. Every day I ask the babysitter if Whitney seems to be acting “sick” and every day I get a good report, so, so far so good. Whew.

This past Saturday Andy had off so we were going to head to Wilmington for the day but the weather was cold and rainy so we decided to stay home instead. We spent the morning at the children’s museum, where we had never been before. It was so great, Whitney loved it and it was neat to see her interact with the other kids and play with all the new things. Since Andy is home with her at least once during the week he ended up going back and getting a season pass. It will be a great place he can take her to get out of the house when I’m working from home.

These past few weeks have been really great with Whitney. She has had minimal tantrums and is just being a really good girl. She is starting to play with her toys again and is getting better and better at communicating with us. Words are coming at a really fast rate and she is comprehending so much it’s insane. The funniest thing is how she is in the imitating stage. There are so many things she’ll see us do and a few seconds later she’ll be doing the same thing. Putting lotion on, combing hair, cleaning the dogs eyes, cleaning the toilet…everything. It’s so endearing and just melts my heart that she is watching us so closely.

As for the baby, feeling good these past two weeks. I think since I’ve been sick I haven’t had quite the appetite I usually have so I’ve been eating less and feeling less “full” (and feeling great!) I guess since I’ve been concentrating on my cold, the pregnancy has been going pretty smooth, except for the fact you cant really take much for relief. I already know this second baby is going to be a lot different than Whitney. It is moving around constantly, I swear this kid doesn’t sleep (yikes!) With Whitney I hardly ever felt her move, seriously hardly ever. Now this child is all over the place, makes me wonder what it will be like when he/she arrives.

Speaking of arrivals we have our date set for June 4th. It is very strange picking a birth date and I don’t like it one bit. I know it’s the necessary evil with having a c-section and all I want is a smooth delivery so it really isn’t that big of deal, still it is strange. My parents booked their flights to come and help when the baby is born and I cant help but be anxious about that day. I just remember going in with Whitney and thinking all was going to be OK and then it wasn’t. Here we are again, making plans, and praying once again everything goes smooth. Except this time, I REALLY hope things go smooth. Two more months to go!

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  1. Since you can't take any medicines, just fill your diet with fruits to supply the needed vitamins to help you get rid of cold and flu. Also, do rest a lot to restore the condition and energy of your body. Anyway, how's your baby now? Is it a baby boy or a bay girl?

    -Louisa Coppinger @