Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Monday, June 27th

Whitney has “warmed up” and receives her second EEG test to compare brain waves from the first test performed on Saturday while cooled, versus her warmed test.
She remains on her ventilator to help in breathing, but doesn’t need much assistance.
When Andy and I see her today she looks so good, her skin is pink and she is WARM to the touch, just like a baby should be. She is pretty sleepy today, probably enjoying being warm, but she opens her eyes every now and then. We are able to rub her back, tickle her feet and stroke her arms.

We were also able to hold our baby girl today for the first time. It was such a wonderful, exciting and emotional time to hold her for the first time. Words cannot express what it felt like to hold that little darling little girl. After 4 days of hell and back again it was probably the best day of my life and when looking back probably will never be able to without crying.

At 6:00 PM we met with the infant neurologist. He was briefed by the nurse on her situation and birth story and then performed several reflex tests; clapping in front of her face, stroking the bottom of her foot, stroking her palms and a pupil dialation test. After the tests he explained he thought she was responding adequately and remained optimistic. After he left the nurse told us that we should be very  happy with his feedback, for she has heard him first hand give feedback that was not so positive.
Andy and I left the hospital feeling so grateful. She has come so far in such a few days and she is still hanging on and fighting. When I called my parents who were back at the house they said they could even tell the excitement in our voices. We really, really needed a day like this to lift our spirits and praise God that our little girl was in such great hands and holding on.

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