Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Saturday, June 25th

(Sarah) My parents arrive today around 3:00 at the Conway Hospital. It was so wonderful to have them there, Andy and I really needed their support. Andy had stayed with me the entire time and now with my parents here him and my Dad left for McLeod to see Whitney while my Mom stayed with me.
When Andy arrived to see her we were able to Skype from his phone to the IPad we had in my hospital room. It was SO WONDERFUL to see her, even if it was via Skype. As soon as I talked to her, she opened her eyes, it was incredible and heartwarming.
She also was strong enough to go off her ventilator for 4 hours today. She then became too agitated so they decided to put her back on the ventilator for support.

(Andy) Roger and I drove to Florence Saturday night to see Whitney.  Before coming I asked the nurses what to expect to see so I could prepare myself for wires, tubes, complexion, etc…  I was told prior to getting there that she was blue in tint from being so cold.  Also to not stimulate her too much and they couldn’t wash her hair yet from birth. 
When I did see her I was overjoyed, her color looked fine to me, her hair was cleaned up mostly, I remember my first thought was how “normal” she looked.  She even had a little pink bow in her hair which made her look sooooo cute.  I skyped Sarah from my phone to the IPadI left in her hospital room.  Seeing Sarah’s face as she saw Whitney was priceless, and when Whitney’s eyes opened up immediately once she heard Sarah talk to her was amazing.  It has been one of the most memorable/amazing moments in my life.

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  1. This blog is such a strong testimony of your faith, hope and love. (And, we know that the greatest is LOVE!!!) Our prayers are with you, of course. Remember how many prayers came your way a couple years back, when your OTHER miracle story unfolded. It seems like God has picked you for many big challenges. I am glad you are thanking Him too for having you be in the right place at the right time to receive the support and medical services you need...PLUS all the love and support of everyone who loves you ---near and far away!
    We will keep watching for updates. God bless you all! Rita and Ellen