Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tuesday, June 28th

The nurses at McLeod are truly angels here on Earth. From the second day Whitney was admitted to the NICU there were two adorable little outfits hanging by her bedside. Either donated or bought by the nurses who attend to her they were ready and waiting to be tried on by Whitney.
When we arrived on Wednesday with my parents we were were feeling so good after the "high" from Monday and getting to hold her we couldn't imagine another day that could be so, dare I say, fun?
Andy and I were informed she would be debuting as a ballerina today and we were so giddy with excitement. Whitney was able to get dressed in her first outfit, a little onesie ballerina outfit from her nurse Claire. She was the NICU showstopper and breaking hearts already.
It was great for Grandma and Grandpa to see her all dressed up in first little outfit too, I was so glad they were able to be there to see this.

We were also there when it was time to change her bedding so Andy was able to lift her off her bed and hold her while the nurses changed her sheets and blankets. Any little time we get to pick her up is a big milestone and feels SO good. I was a bit jealous, but Andy seems more sure of himself picking her up than I do and he did a fine job.

Whitney is still on the ventilator and needs to ween herself off of it before they can run any CT Scans or MRI's. She is a strong little baby and getting stronger every day, but the next step is to get off the ventilator and start breathing completely on her own. She did however lose one cord that was going down her belly button to check her blood pressure. That was removed and they are able to check her blood pressure now with a small cuff. It was nice to see one less cord running out of her.

She was also moving her arms and legs much more today. Her arm is still very brusied from the difficult birth but she has been able to stretch and move it more and more. Her legs have been stiff, but the more she "thaws" they become more loose. It's great to see her moving her arms and legs. The exact thing that we were praying for.

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