Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Grandma is coming to visit

Andy's Mom is arriving today for a 2-week visit with us. I talked with her yesterday and it sure sounds like she is excited to get her little hands all over Whitney, and also see our house since they didn't get the chance to come last summer. Whitney is the first granddaughter for Julie and Larry, Andy's sister has 3 boys.

These past few days that Andy and I had with Whitney by ourselves has been wonderful, I really enjoyed my time with her. She has stolen our hearts and refuses to give them back. She continues to eat and sleep very well, and has kept up her "night owl" status. I have noticed the past two nights though she seems to be more awake during the day, so it's become a bit more easy for her to fall asleep at night. The last two nights I've also not set my alarm to get up and check on her. She is now making enough noise (not screaming yet) to wake me from my deep slumber and check on her and feed her.
As for crying, she is stringing together four or five squeals at once, which to me is pretty much crying, I'm not worried about THAT anymore.

I'm also excited that I have somewhat come in contact with a family who also has a graduate of the cooling blanket. Andy stumbled across their story when Whitney was on the blanket since we didn't know much about the procedure and were trying to get more information. Their story is very uplifting and encouraging and the birth story is very, very similar to Whitney's. I really want to get in touch with the mother (Christy, if you are reading this, how can we exchange emails?) to learn more about their daughter's progress. It would be great to talk with someone who is all too familiar with what we are experiencing.

I'll let you now with a few of our favorite pictures from the last few days.


  1. Sarah
    Mike is going to send you my email through Facebook. Whitney is beautiful!

    Christy Strobel

  2. Hi, Sarah.
    How sweet of Christy to contact you. It will be very beneficial for the two of you to share experiences and feelings around the births of your children.
    The pictures of Whitney are so charming. She is developing into a real beauty just like her mom!

    Love, ... John

  3. Oh Sarah and Andy, she is so beautiful! I can't wait to see her! (and you two as well). I am so thankful that our prayers have been answered. Hope to see you soon!
    Gina Dilmore