Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wednesday, July 6th--Strength-one day at a time

Today we received the most heartfelt package and letter in the mail from a coworker of mine. Enclosed was a bag of bracelets with the same message as the title of this entry, Strength-One day at a time. I cannot think of anything more appropriate for this journey, as each day is filled with joy, feelings of exhaustion and many many questions. Inner and physical strength is something our family, and of course Whitney, are learning on a day by day basis.

Yesterday we all spent almost the entire day at the hospital since we were not there on the 4th. Whitney was moved out of the heat lamp bed to a regular crib and no longer needs her temperature monitored. She still has the feeding tube and oxygen in her nose but her oxygen could possible taken off of her today.

I was able to hold Whitney for almost the entire day and we also were able to try nursing and it went really well. The nurses were very encouraged and excited about how well she did with the coordination of sucking and swallowing. She still receives food from a tube but the fact that she is learning the motions is a big step to getting her home. She does tire out quickly, but with the help of Andy coaxing her jaw she was doing an impressive job. She also is lifting her head up off my chest so we are excited about the strength she is showing.

The doctors also ordered to have her third EEG done and we received preliminary results. The test was showing much improved from the first two but since we are on our way to the hospital now (yay for technology, blogging in the car!) we will know more specifics later tonight when we meet with the doctors. This is obviously wonderful news but we really want to hear from the doctors what the results truly mean, we will certainly be keeping everyone updated.

Andy returns to work tomorrow which really sucks and I know he is really bumming about working while she is away. Hopefully she will be able to come home soon so he can see her on his lunch breaks. Mom and Dad will be going with me to the hospital though so I don't have to go by myself, they have been a great help! All the prayers and well wishes have been great, really amazing, thank you all so much!!!

Each day is truly a testament of strength, one day at a time.


  1. If you ever need anyone else to go with you to Florence, do NOT hesitate to ask!

    LOVE the good news! Keep on nursing, Whitney! I am so proud of how strong you are getting! :)

    Love, Jenelle

  2. Sarah, I'm having a little trouble posting a comment - so I hope this does not appear twice! I wear my bracelet every day, and will share with others for both Whitney and Brian R. Miss you!

  3. Wow, Miss Whitney, you are doing great! So happy to hear such a good report.

  4. Oh Sarah, I have 'patiently' been waiting all day (and yesterday) for a new update and when I read this post- it was so worth the wait as it's brought tears of joy to my eyes. Whitney is amazing, obviously she has been blessed with the same strength and spirit that her Mama and Daddy have!

    Prayers for continued healing! (Hugs)

  5. You guys are awesome parents. Im still praying for all of you. Xoxoxo

  6. Sarah, ANYTHING you need while Andy has to work call me. If I am off work I will take you to see her. My prayers and thoughts have been with you daily and I thanks GOD everyday for bringing the 3 of you in my life. I will e mail you my phone number.
    Love and prayers,
    Gina Dilmore