Sunday, July 17, 2011

Whitney's adventures at home

It doesn't seem like Whitney has been home for almost 6 days already, we have been having so much fun together. She has been such a content baby it makes it so easy to take her out of the house and do things, unfortunately when the heat index is over 100 degrees going outside is anything but easy. Luckily the last few days the heat has subsided and we were left with beautiful days and cooler evenings and mornings to enjoy.

On Friday was Whitney's first pediatric appointment. Since Andy had to work, my Mom went with us and we were so excited for Dr. Malloney to see Whitney again. The first and only time he saw her was the night she was born and she has come so far since then. He had been keeping tabs on her while she was at McLeod but for him to finally see her was exciting. He was loving on her and kissing her, it was great to see him so involved in her life already. She truly is a miracle and he saw her through it, we couldn't be happier with him.

That evening the heat snapped and we were able to take Whitney out for a ride around the culdesac to meet the neighbors. It was great to get her outside and introduce her to her Myrtle Beach "family", we are so lucky to have such wonderful neighbors who we now call friends.

On Saturday the three generations, my Mom, me and Whitney went shopping for a few hours. She was so good and only bought stuff that was on sale, I guess I taught her well! But really, she sat in her car seat really good and the monitor never went off, thank goodness. It was surprising how well she did since we were really moving her around so much from shopping cart, to the car, to shopping cart etc. Her strength seems to improve everyday which makes me so proud.
We also made our first trip to the beach on Saturday night. We went with Mom and Dad down to the boardwalk and watched them go on the SkyWheel. There was a band playing and lots of noise and people, but of course, slept right through it.

Sunday, July 17th was a big day for Whitney, her baptism! We were busy almost all day but she did so good. We went to 11:00 church service which was followed by the baptism at 12:30. After baptism we had a cookout and so many of our friends and neighbors came, it was just wonderful. We are so very lucky to have have such great people in our lives and knowing that Whitney will become part of their lives too is especially exciting. For her to know she is so loved by so many people is just great. Andy and I have always tried to surround ourselves with good people and want the same for Whitney. God has blessed us with amazing family and friends and now a baby girl to share with them.

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  1. Congratulations on the Baptism!! What a wonderful day indeed. The entire family looks just wonderful - sending lots of love!
    Susie and Tom