Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Look out Daddy

Today was our last full day with my Mom and Dad, I'll go into details of our day at a later time but I just wanted to share this picture.
While Andy and Dad were out on a fishing trip, us girls did a little shopping. Whitney picked out her first Coach purse, but I explained she was a tad young, maybe when she turns 13!


  1. Whitney already has GREAT taste!!

  2. Ha, Ha.
    Nothing like starting her young, Sarah.
    No wonder we men think that shopping is ingrained in females.
    Your adventures as a new mom are truly remarkable. So inspiring.
    Your happiness is palpable.
    Judy and I are sooooo looking forward to seeing you all. Expect us in mid Augus, the 15th or 16th. We'll be arriving late around 10:30 or so after driving all day.

    ...John & Judy