Monday, July 4, 2011

Monday, July 4th

(andy)  happy 4th of july!  we have been to the hospital everyday since Whitney was born.  we decided not to go today just because of all the crazy 4th of july traffic in the myrtle beach area.  we woke up early this morning around 5am to get an update.  we got some good news, she had been taken out of the bed she was in that had a heat lamp warmer keeping her warm.  she is now in a crib and wearing an outfit and snuggled in a blanket and staying warm all by herself.  she must take after her dad because her mommy is alway cold.  we found out that she was also digesting her food much better.  they were pulling very little of the 15ml an hour they were giving her out of her stomach.  so this was great news to start our 4th of july.  

we called the nicu @ mcleod one more time about 20 mins ago and got even more good news.  apparently when the occupational therapist came around this morning to work with her, they tried bottle feeding.  Success!  she drank 5ml on her very own before she tired out a little.  not too bad in my opinion though seeing how this was the very first time she has ate on her own.  they also upped her feedings to 25ml and she is digesting just about all of it.  so at this point she is eating almost 25ml every 3 hours.  they have not tried the bottle since this morning, but when we get there in the morning tomorrow they said if every thing goes good they will try letting sarah breast feed for the first time.  they will also be doing a EEG in the morning to monitor her brain activity.  1 EEG was done shortly after arriving to the florence hospital, the 2nd was done right after they "thawed" her out from her cooling treatment.  both showed burst suppressions, but the neurologist said this was to be expected.  i am really hoping this next one has some better results, and i think it will.

i had no new pictures of her to post this morning, so i decided to post a pic of a new shelf sarah's dad helped me hang in her room.  we hope everyone has a great 4th and if you are in the myrtle beach area, text us.  we will be going to the beach to watch the fireworks.


  1. Glad to hear Whitney is eating better and I'm excited for Sarah to get to try nursing. Don't get frustrated if that doesn't go well at first, it took Zach 10 weeks to finally get it down. Breastfeeding was truly one of the hardest things I ever did, but so worth it. We continue to send the three of you lots of prayers and lots of love.

  2. Sarah & Andy,
    We are so happy to hear good news today - still our hearts go out to you during this difficult time. Your strength and courage are inspiring. There is a saying that suffering brings strength and creates perseverance and I can see how true that is in how you have handled these past anxious days.
    Thank you for sending along the pictures - Whitney is adorable with the little bow in her hair and you, Sarah, look so contented holding her next to you. You all are in our prayers daily (including your mom and dad) - plus so many other people have said they are praying, too. A quote that often comes to my mind is "Pray as though everything depended on God. Work as though everything depended on you." You and the hospital staff have done/are doing the work and it's wonderful that you are trusting the rest to God.
    With much love,
    Betty & Ken

  3. Andy,Sara & Whitney:
    God Bless all of you! I wanted to let you know you have and will be in my thoughts & prayers, Andys Aunt Marykay called and me with the news of Whitneys ruff start in this world she truly is a fighter, She asked that I say lot of prayers for all of you and I have! Andys Grandma & my Mom were cousins and I'm sure their in Heaven watching over all of you and their to help Whitney get well and strong so she can go home and enjoy her Mommy and Daddy. God is with you!
    Kandy Goeke

  4. Sara and Andy, The Purple Girls are all thinking of you. Whitney is so beautiful and wears pink wonderfully. I have heard wonderful results from the cooling therapy. Little ones have such good results. What a miracle that you can be at such an up to date NICU.
    We will be following your news very closely. Our thoughts and prayers to you all.

  5. I am so happy for you guys and for whitneys success. Tough little cookie. Im still praying for you guys. Love ya.

  6. So happy to hear that Whitney is doing better every day. We will keep on praying for you all.