Monday, July 18, 2011

Strength (the physical kind) and believing

Today I got my first lesson in believing in my child. Well, I technically shouldn't say first, I have always believed in her, but read on...

Whitney seems to have created a routine of eating and sleeping all day and then staying nice and wide awake around 8:00 pm to 12:00 am. Since we are night owls ourselves this hasn't become too much of a problem and it may just be a coincidence these last few nights. Regardless, tonight we were working on some exercises the doctors advised us to do and since she was awake and alert doing them at night is a great time. She was getting some classic "tummy time" where she lays on her stomach with hopes that she can strengthen her neck muscles and lift and move her head from side to side.

As my Mom and I set her on her stomach she looked so comfortable and content to just lay with her head to the side. I even said out loud, "I just don't see her having the strength to lift her head up and move it to the other side."

Well she already has me eating my words. Within a few minutes she was lifting her head up and sure enough, turned it to the other side. Mom and I were so happy for her, tears of joy streaming down our faces. I felt horrible for not believing in her more. The doctors told me to never treat her like an injured baby which I really really need to remember. I should not be surprised by her, these past three weeks she has been so strong, but tonight I got to actually see her in action.

Shortly after her first head turn she really just started showing off. Turning from side to side frequently and with more a gusto. We were so proud. Each day she is getting stronger, including her voice box (yikes!) and seeing her tonight with that small head turn just makes my heart burst with joy. Maybe it's the hormones, or maybe it's part of being a Mom, but I just love this girl so much and she has already taught us so much, to have our hearts and minds be strong...each and every day.

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