Saturday, July 2, 2011

Saturday, July 2nd

when we got to see Whitney yesterday morning she looked great.  her eyes were wide open, she was awake and moving around a lot.  it was the best we had seen her.  one of her doctors came in and talked to us and said he was going to order an mri to be done.  shortly later she was given a sedative to keep her calm during the mri.  when the results came back, the doctor said the radiologist had seen some moderate brain damage.  he put this on a scale of mild to moderate to severe to profound.  he wanted to make sure we knew it wasn't "normal"  which is a word sarah and i are becoming to resent more and more.  he did say that even though there were some damaged areas, a babies brain can shut down damaged areas and use other areas that may have normally went unused.

one doctor did say that sometimes in these situations you have to use the "look" test and judge them more by how they look and how they are moving vs. what a brain scan says.  we don't know what to think.  there will be another mri ordered in about 2 months to further monitor Whitney.  i do know she looks better everyday.  we are going to see her tonight, stay the night in the hospital's guest house and spend some more time with her tomorrow.


  1. Oh, Andy, Sarah.
    I feel so badly for you. But then, given her start in life this result was kind of expected.

    Now, we must hope that Whitney's brain is pliable and adaptive enough to compensate for the damaged areas.

    Our hearts go out to you.

    John & Judy

  2. Sarah and Andy- I know those words must be hard to hear, but precious Whitney is young and this is where nurture comes into play and she has the most wonderful parents to provide her with this. Remember, cautiously optimistic.

    Did they specify areas that were damaged? Also, how is her breathing and feeding going?

    Hugs to you two...for all you are enduring.

  3. Sarah and Andy ~ We are praying for Whitney and you every single day. We will remain optimistic that the brain will recover in the way the doctor explained. We have read about such cases. Wish we could be there to give you each a big hug.
    Sending lots of love,
    Tom and Susie